sMac Corporation is a “Access Floor / Raised Floor” distributor for Data Center, TV Studio, Operation Computing Center, Offices or Control Rooms required high quality of raised floor system, durability, maintainability and beautiful environment as well as safety.

Clients have various choices of raised floor panels, —“Cement Infill Antistatic Panel, Wood-Core panel, Calcium Sulphate Panel and Aluminium Panel”, to fit into your environment designed by an architect. This is what makes our raised floor system outstanding in term of beauty since we are an expertise in design and installation for raised floor industry. Our engineers will help you to control the timing and quality to meet your requirements. Our panels are also passed the test and met all required Raised floor/Access floor standard such as British Standard, MOB standard. Therefore, we guarantee that you will surely satisfy our raised floor / Access floor system in very competitive and affordable price.