Aluminum panel is used in severely demanded work places. The grid structure of the blind panel can disperse the weight of mechanism equipments effectively. Each blind panel is of accurate dimension. It’s durable and can be easily exchanged. The blind panel can meet the load requirement of semiconductor clean room and other work places.

1. Accurate dimension, easily exchanged
2. Class A construction material(incombustible)
3. Various painting material
4. Unique crafts
5. Low cost, good performance
6. Durable


Aluminum Grating Panel is of good concentrated load and can be painted with conductive material. It is rust proof and can bear abrasion. It provides free air flowing with 50% opening of grating panel. The effect in clean room is satisfying. The dimension of the bare panel is 600*600mm.Thinking of spatial structure and air balance, grating panel can be exchanged with blind panel and perforated panel.

1. High precision
2. Class A construction material(incombustible)
3. Little deflection and high load capacity
4. Easily cut
5. Economical, durable, recoverable
6. Excellent capacity of static dissipative
7. Can be used with perforated panel


Many types of Aluminium perforated panel should be available for your choice. With 1024 pieces or 1280 pieces concave holes, perforated panel of 1024 holes supplies the airflow rate of 18.09%~27.02% and the air flow rate of 1280 holes is 22.61%~33.77%.They can meet the air flow requirements of computer rooms and clean rooms. Furthermore, aluminium perforated panels assures the free interchange with other panels.

1. Elaborated Made
2. Class A construction material (incombustible)
3. High loading performance, Low deflection
4. Recycling, economical
5. Easy for holes opening
6. Acceptable static dissipative performance
7. Precise holes opening, concave design