Raised Floor or Access Floor currently is widely being used in different area for example: office, Data Center, Control Room and Clean Room due to the volume of the cables running in and out to support the requirement of the technology.

MacLev —Raised Floor is produced from cold-rolled steel and formed by mold for strength and beauty of raised floor / access floor. Moreover, foamed cement is also injected inside the panel to increase the capacity of loading. PVC trim as well can be used to support anti-static. This is why MacLev raised floor is being used widely in different industry.

Size of MacLev raised floor / access floor is 600x600x35 mm. Many type of surface can be used for different purpose such as high pressure laminate (HPL), carpet, PVC tile etc. To make sure that our client will be satisfied and confident, MacLev, raised floor / access floor, meet these requirement and standard—CISCA-1987, BS-476 and MOB-PSB etc.